How To Fix Thermador Dishwasher Lights Regular Flashing

June 16, 2022

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Washing the dishes can be tough, especially when there are stains and smells that need extensive cleaning for them to be removed properly and ready to be used. With the help of Thermador dishwashers, it provides a lot of convenience and time-saving in doing the chore. You also have the option to choose among the Thermador dishwasher lineup according to your preferences.

However, even if it is a high-end appliance, it can still be prone to a breakdown affecting its full function. If you notice that your dishwasher is not working as it should be, a team of dishwasher service repair professionals will be able to assist you. 

Thermador Appliance Repair Pros in Castaic is a trustworthy repair service company in the area. With years of experience in providing quality and dependable repair services to many homes in the Castaic. There are different possible reasons for an appliance not to work properly. To determine the main cause, a thorough diagnosis will be made using the right tools and equipment designed for the repair.

Regardless of what dishwasher you have, you may sometimes hear a loud noise and contrast blinking of lights. This is how the dishwasher will let you know that it needs to be reset or may mean that one of its parts needs to be replaced or checked. Whenever you encounter this with your Thermador dishwasher, you can refer to your user manual to what each blinking and flashing light means.

Blinking or constant flashing of the dishwasher lights indicates different things. Here are some of the common causes and solutions for the issue. Remember that you may try this if only the reset option doesn’t help.

  1. The dishwasher door might not be latched properly – Make sure to close the dishwasher door properly. Push in on the dishwasher’s door while pressing the start. The closed-door sensor might not be functional if the latch is okay and no soap buildup causes the closing problem. Also, take note that before you close the door, also make sure to select a cycle first.
  2. Power Surge Happened – Troubleshoot the electrical power supply to the unit ( you can start to check the breaker/fuse box).
  3. New Parts Have Been Installed – Take the unit apart and reinstall the components properly. 
  4. Incomplete Dishwasher Cycle – Try to cancel and start it again. You can refer to your user manual for the proper steps on the specific dishwasher model. Note that the light indicates that the door was opened while the cycle was running.
  5. There Is A Stuck Button – Turn off the unit and touch every dishwasher button.
  6. Problem with the Start Option – If you set the delay start option and someone has opened the dishwasher door, the indicator lights could start to flash constantly. 
  7. Defective Dishwasher Component – Some dishwasher models’ lights flash due to parts such as the thermistor or the touchpad short-circuiting. With this issue, there’s a need to check this further. 

On the other hand, if the lights are still constantly flashing, you can always call for a professional repair service to check further and do the right fix.

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